Hawold the Howl

Hi, You may have noticed a new page on my website for Hawold the Howl.

Not sure about you but I love Owls, Owls are fun, Owls are cute, Owls are wise, Owls remind us of the importance of the natural world.

Last year I knitted an owl out of hand spun wool, no pattern, I just let the shape form. I was really pleased how it turned out. That was Olly. Olly was popular with my friends so I made another and wrote down the pattern. Meet Hawold, I tested pattern again and Yulia appeared.

Then it was Christmas so Hawold had a hat, came second in a fun christmas competition and went on his travels

A friends knitted an owl – thanks Frances. and crocheted the eyes as Owly was for a baby

Another friend knitted an Owl so Harnold was born and he went on his travels

In view of Hawold’s popularity I thought why not share the pattern more widely, raise mental health awareness and ask people to donate to Mind in exchange for the pattern.

The pattern is a free down load on Ravelry Hawold and friends

or down load pattern here

I would love you to

  • Knit an owl
  • name your Owl 
  • Post a picture of your Owl here or on Hawold the howl and friends facebook group
  • Take your owl on travels and post picture on fans of Hawold Facebook page and/or instagram 
  • Monthly prize for best photo of Hawold’s friends on facebook

Thanks for reading and look forward to your Owls

Cath x

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