Plying Course

Courses on demand

Next course 14th March 2023 – FULL

Contact to be added to the waiting list or to arrange a date


This course is suitable for all spinners but wish to develop their skills.

Small groups maximum four

Contact me if you would like to arrange another date

One day

To Book course complete form or email on, call me 07850 716602 or via contact my contact page 


A day to expand your Plying skills


We will look at

  • Making ply-back samples as we spin 
  • How the twist in our singles affects the twist in our ply 
  • How much twist for a balanced ply 
  • Resting yarn before plying- does it matter?
  • Ways of checking if you have the right amount of ply twist 
  • Balanced two ply 
  • Three ply 
  • Chain ply (sometimes termed Navaho ply)
  • Andean ply 
  • 4 or more plies 
  • Fancy plying
  • cable and crepe yarn – these are plied twice 
  • spiral ply

Course costs  £75 

 Please bring

  • packed lunch
  • wheel (or borrow for the day)
  • spun singles – 2 bobbins full of your normal spinning (if possible)
  • spare bobbins 
  • lazy Kate
  • packed lunch 
  • questions
  • samples of your normal plied yarn 

I will provide

  • teas coffees and cakes
  • fibres and yarns
  • spare bobbins and lazy kates
  • handout

booking form

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