Blending for Colour in Spinning

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Blending for spinning

A full day of fun with fibre and colour a chance to use hand and drum carders, blending board, combs and hackle


Full Day course on colour blending for spinners

We will look at

  • Blending for colour and texture,
  • Adding  bling
  • Creating a gradients
  • using different equipment for blending 

You will have a chance to use combs, hand and drum carders, blending board and hackle to give different effects 

by the end of the day you will have

  • Used a blending board, hackle, drum carder, hand carders and mini combs to blend fibre
  • Learnt different ways of combining colours to give different effects for each piece of equipment 
  • Seen the pros and cons of  different equipment 

You will also have a selection of blended fibre as batts, roving, rolags and fauxlags* to take home and spin 

Course includes

  • Tea and coffee, biscuits and cake
  • Fibre – lots of fibre

Please bring

  • Packed lunch
  • Questions
  • A picture that inspires you

Course timing

  • 9.30 Arrive – welcome introductions
  • 12.30 lunch
  • 4pm close

Cost £90


      Cheque payable to ‘Beechwood Crafts’

                        Or BACS 09-01-29  38181995 Beechwood Crafts 

                        Via paypal to  link on website  

  • Email me at
  • Or call me 07850 716602
  • or Complete Contact form
  • Alternative dates – if two people wish to book I can arrange dates to suit you

Thanks Cath

  • *batt – rectangle of fibre from a drum carder
  • roving – long rope of fibre pulled off a hackle, blending board or drum carder
  • rolag – light airy cylinder of fibre from hand carders
  • fauxlags – a larger, denser roll of fibre pulled off a drum carder or blending board