Meet the Tutors

Maxine Lowery – needle felt tutor

Maxine Lowery

Maxine’s artistic talent were evident early. She drew and painted at school and brings a quirky imagination to her creations. She excels at 3D images and has a reputation for spectacular cake decoration. She enjoys painting, drawing and sewing, but her passion is needle felting. Maxine has a love of nature and by studying photographs and pictures she brings her creations to life, giving them each a unique character.

See more of maxine’s work on her facebook page

Cath – owner and spinning and wet felt tutor

I love sharing my knowledge and skills and introducing others to the wonderful world of spinning

My spinning journey start when I was off work with depression and a kind friend encouraged me to spin, knowing its healing properties. I made a full recovery, however the addiction to spinning has remained. Courses by Sue McNiven and Priscilla Lowry opened my eyes to a new level of spinning. Since then I have complete the New Zealand certificate in spinning wool (merit 2017) and the UK Certificate of Achievement (COA) (distinction 2018). I am now collaborating with my mentor Alison Daykin to write a spinning book.

Wet felting is another passion inspired by Sheila Smith, author of fabulous feting books, Liz of heartfelt by liz and Andrea Hunter, phenomenal felt artist.

I have recently taken up dyeing, mainly with natural dyes. thsi adds another dimension to my spinning.

I usually knit with my handspun yarn but weaving is another rabbit hole I have fallen down. I now have a section of looms, from small inkle looms for weaving narrow bands to a floor loom for weaving yards of fabric.