Felt Flowers

 I really enjoyed our felt flower workshop the other day.

I love the way the gorgeous colours of the fibre blend and blur as it felts. 

Wet felting is such a tactile experience, rubbing and rolling, seeing the fibres contract and cling to each other. The colours from one layer blend and appear or disappear like magic. 

A tiny snip in the felt can change the whole impression. You can then stretch it and shape it to give petals. That is even before we have added a touch of class with a few beads, maybe a half silk cocoon or some stitching .

I love adding my flowers to a broach back then using to adorn a jacket or bag. Or make lovely large flowers for a wall hangings or to add a flamboyant touch to a sun hat

I also enjoy seeing how people interpret and use colours bringing out their tastes and personality. 

Looking forward to sharing  with you 

Fill in our contact form for instructions on making a felt flower

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