Creating beauty from compacted tops

After my craft room reorganisation I found beautiful tops that were compacted, and some remnants that would not be enough to make anything on their own. I hate waste so I have been playing with resuscitating them. 

I blended the colours and carded into soft rolags to make them spin-able again. Adding a smidgeon of cashmere to add luxury, or maybe it was faux cashmere, as the bag was labelled ?,another guild table acquisition.

I spun them American long draw and was pleased with effect. 

 I then plied with white silk hankie,  black Zwartble or self-ply, to give 3 colourways to use as warp stripes in a scarf. It doesn’t zing as much as I’d like, so maybe I find some of the brighter colours from my top-rescue-mission to spin something for the weft. 

I’ll keep you posted . 

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