Christmas Wreath

My Christmas Wreath 

We all have different ideas about our Christmas wreath. I hadn’t made one before so wanted it to be very simple and use foliage from the garden. I was really pleased how this turned out. 

I used

  • Three willow whips  1/2cm diameter and just over a metre long
  • Ivy
  •  Holly *
  •  Euonymous
  • Black florists wire 

Creating the wreath 

  •  Twist the willow together, and bend to form a circle, wire in place.
  • Lay the holly on top then hold with wire. 
  • Wrap the ivy around the frame  
  • Poke the ends of the euonymous through the twists in the frame
  • wire everything together as necessary, and create a hook to hangout 

We all have different plants in our garden, some, like the ivy are seen as a nuisance so its great to give it a good use.  I’d love to see what you have used from garden to make a wreath.

*I used Japanese holly, the leaves are smaller and less spiky than traditional holly.

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