What sort of spinner are you?

At a spinning meeting today  a friend commented that people thought her strange as she finishes each project before starting the next. Many of us where impressed.  I am certainly a possessor of  a number of PhDs*. This reminded me of a discussion I saw about process or production knitters. I think it is more complicated than process or production. 

Process  spinners

Some people enjoy the process of spinning. The rhythmic motion of the wheel, it’s gentle hum and the meditative effective of the perfect coordination of hand, foot and wheel. 

They need to spin, if left without they start to get a little twitchy, unsettled and feel a wheel shaped hole. This can often be resolved by drop spindling or even an alternative craft, knitting, crochet, weaving or sewing but you can almost hear the sigh of relief when the wheel is back in its rightful place. 

Experimental  spinners

For others the understanding and the learning – what ifs? people who are forever breaking the rules, fiddling around to see what happens. Let’s experiment with blending x and y, try a faster whorl, a slower whorl, a fatter yarn, a thinner yarn. They want to investigate every new fibre they hear about,  for them wool is not the only fibre, they will try mint, ramie, camel, rose, yak, hemp and more. 

Production spinners

There are production spinners, clear about their goals, they can see the finished item before they start, the glorious cardigan, soft baby blanket or woven bag. They assess the amount of yarn needed, its grist  (more about this later) and the colours before they start. They know how to spin the fibre, what twist and diameter they want . Then, and most importantly, they focus til they have finished their lovely skeins, and made an item. You may tell from my description that I so admire these people and long to be so focused.  

Of course, few of us fit one of these portrayals. Most of us have a little of each in us. 

Remember no one approach is right and there are lots of people like you whichever profile is nearest to you. 

I found it helpful to see these different approaches and realise that it was OK to be me. I probably fit best into the experimental group but love the process and with a deadline in sight can be production. 

Happy spinning and it is OK to be you.

*PhD = Project half done

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