Needle felting Pumpkins

Needle felting fun 

If you haven’t tried needle felting give it a go. 

I had such fun yesterday with Maxine, our awesome needle felt tutor. We were creating a few props for the Halloween course on 24th October.

For a few hours you can forget everything else and create.

 Easy to dip your toes in as the kit is simple

You need

  • Something for a base   

We use rice bags,

To make one

Stitch a double layer of hessian into an oblong fill with rice, stitch to seal.  Effective and environmentally friendly, add to compost when it (eventually) becomes too worn. Maxine also cleverly marks inches across the bottom to save having to look for a ruler.

  • A few needles

 These come in different sizes, 36 is good for starting, then use a 38 or 40 for fine details.

  • Some fibre 

You can use most wools

We use a coarser core wool for the centre and merino tops for the outer decorative layer. 

Many places sell felting equipment. We tend to use 

Heidi Feathers,

Adelaide Walker

World of Wool

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