Odds and Ends Scarf

I am sure I am not alone in having numerous small samples of hand spun yarn or commercial yarn left overs from major projects.  I have recently started a great pattern for using them up.

This scarf is an easy fun knit, uses up odds and ends and looks great. 

I made one a few years ago and wore it regularly until I foolishly left it on a train, never to be seen again.

Recently on sorting my stash of hand spun yarn, I realised that I had masses of small samples. I hate throwing things away and I didn’t even have enough of many for highlights in weaving. Then I remembered my odds and ends scarf. Perfect. 

When I need something relaxing to do, no brain power needed, I pull out this project.  

Hope you enjoy it 

I had a couple of queries on the pattern, so I have tweaked it to make it clearer. hope this helps

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