Spinning tips Sunday

Why rewind your singles before plying?

For years I would have said you were crazy to even think about doing anything except plying straight away. Why would you forgo the pleasure of a having a beautiful finished skein. It couldn’t make that much difference, could it ?

As I learnt more I realised that there were many ways to spin and some tricks for creating even more beautiful, even more even yarn. 

Aldon Amos suggests you should rewind all your yarn because:-

  1. It evens out the wrap round the bobbin so makes for a more even ply
  2. It evens out the twist esp if you rewind with the bobbin a long way from the rewind.
  3. You can adjust your spinning as you rewind – removing neps and sections where the spinning is uneven

I have to admit to being sceptical. I often still ply as soon as I have  finished the singles but he is right. If you want a more even yarn that is easier to ply, rewinding your bobbins helps.

Above my initial bobbins and the ones rewound on my Louet S10. One of the advantages of a bobbin driven wheel is that it is easy to wind onto the bobbin without adding more twist. 

I found I had a couple of sections that were a little over-twisted, I could break allow some twist out and re-join using a spit splice (more about that another day) 

 There were also a few neps I missed in the spinning so I removed these. 

Hopefully now its evenly wound, no pigtails, no thick and thin. 

I am looking forward to plying this tomorrow. see resting singles before plying

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