Spinning Silk and Luxury Fibres

October 26th – 27th 2019

Silk and Luxury fibresimage00026

Suitable for spinners who know the basics

Day 1 Silk

we will

  •  look at the history and production of silk
  • prepare and spin – hankies and caps, tussah and mulberry tops, throwster’s  waste, lap, noil and sari silk
  • degum cocoons and carrier rods, and make hankies,

by the end of the day you will

  • know something about silk and its production
  • have spun silk fine and thick, smooth and textured
  • tried a number of silk preparations
  • had the opportunity to buy more supplies
  • have a set of printed instructions

Day 2 Luxury fibres

Cashmere, angora, mohair, yak, alpaca, we may even try some bamboo, mint and rose fibre

  • learn about the fibres
  • learn about their preparation
  • explore ways to spin each fibre
  • learn about blending to change the characteristics of the yarn
  • blend on blending board, carders and mini-combs
  • discuss end use of these fibres

by the end of the day you will

  • understand how to spin each fibre and its blend(s)
  • have a small skein of each fibre and its blend
  • have ideas for use of luxury fibre either alone or in combination 

Course includes

Tea and coffee, biscuits and cake

Fibre pack,

Please bring

  • wheel if you have one,
  • lazy kate,
  • spare bobbins,
  • pen and paper,
  • packed lunch

Cost £95 per day or £160 for both days

  • arrive 9.30 for welcome drink and biscuits
  • course starts 10am, 
  • 12.30 lunch (Bring a packed lunch)
  • course finishes 4pm

additional costs

  • loan of wheel if needed £5 for the weekend
  • Additional fibre packs to take away – individually priced

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